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Convenience at your figure tips, we can easily schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians run diagnostics on your vessel.

Great Value

At Mendol USA we give our clients service like no other, at a price that beats the competition.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions to all your engineering needs, are what sets Mendol USA apart from the competition.

Highest Rated Technicians

Regardless of the make or model of your main engines , propulsion or power generation systems. The talented team at Mendol USA has you covered.

Certified Master Technicians

Our master technicians can handle anything; from repair or routine maintenance of large diesel engines, hydraulic service and installation, cooling and sea water systems, to ventilation and exhaust issues.

Warranty on Labor Service

A 90 day warranty on labor, unless otherwise specified.

Creative Engineering Solutions

Award winning service is the driving force behind Mendol USA. Custom solutions to all your engineering needs are what sets Mendol USA apart from the competition. At Mendol, we don’t just focus on your symptoms and merely patch, the problem. Our talented and experienced team can diagnose the underlying issues and correct the root of the problem. Our in-house machine shop combined with our skillful diesel mechanics and engineers allow Mendol USA to be the one-stop-shop for all of your engineering needs.

Custom & Reliable Work

Call us today and we’ll get you moving.

  • With the ability to work on projects from our own warehouse or off-site at your location, we will always guarantee our quality, cost-efficient service, to you. 
  • Our talented and experienced team can diagnose the underlying issues and correct the root of the problem.

Service & Repair

Hydraulic Design



Engine Room Design



Custom Machine Shop


Ventelation Systems



Stabilizing Systems






Waterpump Repair



Control Panels



Bow Thrusters



Power Generation & Integration



Exhaust Systems



Pipe Work



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Windrose Cooling Systems, a division of Mendol which has been in operation since 1945. We can service a wide variety of products, including but not limited to Alfa Laval platecoolers, all makes and models of aftercoolers, heat exchangers and charge air coolers. All our replacement gaskets and seals are certified to be genuine OEM.

Our Team

Miguel Oliviera
Susan Oliviera
Andrew Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper
Kim Piscitello
Office Manager/Parts
Mario Periera
Senior Marine Technician
Paul Armstrong
Senior Marine Technician
David Budney
Senior Marine Technician / Hydraulics Specialist
Alain Santiac
Marine Technician
Adler Duncan
Marine Technician
Milton Santas
Marine Technician
Dane Goltzene-bugg
Marine Technician
Chris Adams
Marine Technician
Tristen Nims


MENDOL USA got it’s start with talent. To be more specific, three generations of talent and hard work. Miguel De Oliveira grew up in the industry watching his father and grandfather working on large industrial marine equipment. His grandfather, Joaquim Mendes de Oliveira established Mendol in Lournco Marques Mozambique, in 1945 after graduating from the University in Lisbon-Portugal with a Doctorate in Engineering.

Mendol’s workforce grew to over 320 employees by the 1970s. Mendol had to close it’s doors during the revolution when the family had to flee as refugees. This is the business namesake for MENDOL and MENDOL USA.

The second generation of Mendol USA was born in Durban, South Africa and included oil refineries, container ship refrigeration and ship expansions. Operating from 1978 through 1986 when once again the family chose to leave the country due to political unrest. Starting the third generation, Miguel De Oliveira’s methodical mind quickly took to the family business and he started to expand upon his vast engineering knowledge base. In 1990, Miguel and his father opened MENDOL in St. Martin. Then, in 2002, MENDOL expanded into the United States and MENDOL USA was opened.

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    Specializing in large yacht and merchant vessel engineer rooms, there is no job too big or too complicated.

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    Tell us what your vessel needs or ask for a diagnostic. Receive a free, fast quote.

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    Regardless of the make or model of your main engines, propulsion, or power generations systems, our talented team at Mendol USA has you covered.

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